How to Get Rid of Rats

It is pretty safe to say that the vast majority of people do not like rats. They are sneaky and unattractive, and they can invade your home. No one wants to spend every waking hour in fear of a rat that may or may not streak across the floor. No one wants to double check their food time and time again for rat droppings. But, how do you get rid of rats? Don’t let them in! Follow these tips to keep rats where they belong-outside.

Check for food sources – Most people know not to leave food out in the open, but there are other food sources that can attract rats. If you have a birdfeeder or pets, keep their food in an airtight container and do not leave it out for long periods of time. Birdfeeders, in particular, should be placed away from the house and on poles. Trash and compost piles are notorious for attracting rats. Be sure your trash can are sealed tight and have no holes, and make sure your compost piles contain no animals products. If you have children, be sure to check their rooms often. Food can easily turn up under a bed or in a corner or closet.

Stack firewood off the ground– If you have a lot of firewood, do not keep it on the floor up against a wall. Place it on something sturdy that stands at least 18 inches off the ground and away from the wall.

Trim branches that hang over your roof– Hanging branches aren’t just a hazard during ice storms, they also make it easy for roof rats to get into your roof and into your house. If there are any branches hanging over your roof, trim them (if you are skilled enough to do so) or get them trimmed professionally.

Keep your drains cleans– Rats are sometimes found in toilets and sink because they live in sewer pipes and sometimes follow them up and into your kitchen or bathroom. If you use a garbage disposal, always disinfect it afterward, and avoid big food items that are likely to attract rats. At least once a month, rinse your drains with a disinfectant. Never pour grease down your drain and keep a stopper in place. When not in use, keep toilet lids closed and tub drains closed.

Check for entry points – Rats don’t simply mystically show up in your home. They come in through a passage point, for the most part, a split, hole or entryway. It’s hard to believe, but it’s true. Rats can walk right in through an entryway. Something as straightforward as a modest entryway compass could help keep you rodent free. Check your establishment vents, storage room vents, windows, and entryways. Rats are regularly found on the rooftop as a result of all the entrance they can get in the upper room. Hence, rooftop rodent control frequently begins in the loft. Regardless of whether you haven’t had any issues with rats, it is a smart thought to check to the passage point to guarantee an issue doesn’t emerge.